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This child boldly speaks out to the school board and lets them no, in no uncertain terms, that making kids where masks is "nonsense." Adults should speak out with so much passion. This is a short, but seriously funny clip.

This video gives a moment of levity on a page that is vey serious. It is a page full of videos by top doctors and scientists giving you information that is suppressed by media, the medical industry and the government. Share this page with someone you care about that has not yet received the vaccine so that they can receive information upon which they can make a decision on whether or not they should take the jab. That page is at 


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  • Daniel


    4:39 AM, 13-06-2021

    Who is the other person other than Suvir who gave a little girl speaking up for her freedoms a thumbs down vote. I know that Suvir, being a pro vaxxer despite all the experts, data and evidential accounts that I have presented him with, will always give my posts a thumbs down. Who is the other person? Step forward and give a comment explaining your reasoning behind your thumbs down vote. What do you disagree about when a young girl passionately speaks out against having to wear masks in school? You do know that wearing of masks are harmful to the health of all adults, don't you? Children wearing a mask are especially effected as masks hinder the flow of oxygen to their brains (which are in the formative stages of growth). Then there is also all the health reasons discussed in the video I reference below . . .

    If you want some of the many ways that masks are harmful to all people watch this video at the 40:16 mark . . . Pause the video to check out some of the clinical studies on masks that Dr, Tenpenny presents.

    I appreciate it when those that disagree with a post, video or article post a comment explaining what in particular they disagree about. When they do that is when we can have meaningful, respectful debate. You that gave the thumbs down, I am really curious on what you could be disagreeing on in what this young girl said to the school board in her short impassioned speech.

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  • David Jackson

    David Jackson

    7:05 AM, 26-05-2021

    She will be a hand full as an adult 🙂😊🤣

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  • Bubacarr


    11:55 AM, 24-05-2021

    A step towards ellminating the pandemic

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  • Suvir


    12:42 PM, 21-05-2021

    Kids are exempt from wearing masks in Australia

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