Shocking content of the Moderna Patent for their "vaccine" eposed!

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This video quotes directly from the Moderna patent that they are using in what they are calling a vaccine, but is not a vaccine at all. It does not at all meet the legal definition of a vaccine and instead involves genetic modification that has never been carried out on humans being totally experimental. This video might seem a bit technical because he is reading right from the patent before he elaborates on what he has just read. Slides are shared to help you understand as he goes through parts of this patent. This will shock you! Even if you don't understand some of the terminology, keep watching the video to it's conclusion. The shot they want you to take has nothing to do with preventing you from getting the virus or from preventing the spread of this virus. What it is designed to do is spelled out in the patent.

You need to warn your friends and family of the dangers of this experimental vaccine. Invite them to view the videos on my page where I am archiving videos that tell the truth from some of the top doctors and scientists in the world. Invite them to visit
http://www.dryd.us/vaccine . This really is a matter of life and death!

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  • Suvir


    1:28 PM, 07-05-2021

    mRNA making spike proteins. What if it mutates.

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    • Daniel

      9:57 AM, 31-05-2021

      All the vaccines are making spike proteins. And there will be mutations. Unfortunately those that have taken the vaccines will have severely damaged immune systems and will be the most effected when the varients appear. It might seem that everything seems to be ok (except those that have immediate adverse reactions and even die) . . . but down the road there are going to be millions that die. The varients will be blamed, but the real killer will be the vaccine taken months or a year previous to their getting the jab. Dr. Tenpenny, who has logged over 40,000 hours in vaccine research, shares that there are 20 ways that the vaccine can severely hurt or kill those that get injected. I have only heard 4 or 5 of those ways and what I have heard is shocking. I highly recommend taking the time to watch the videos where she is interviewed on my vaccine page.

  • Mafaz


    2:48 PM, 23-04-2021

    world is full of garbage

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