Students sue Indiana University over requirement to get vaccinated

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IU officials say the school is ‘confident it will prevail in this case.'

<p>Daytime view of the The Sample Gates, entrance to Indiana University from Kirkwood Ave</p>

Daytime view of The Sample Gates, entrance to Indiana University from Kirkwood Ave

A group of students has sued Indiana University over its Covid-19 vaccination requirement.

In the federal lawsuit, eight students claim that the requirement that students, faculty, and staff are vaccinated before returning to campus violates their rights and the state’s vaccine passport law.

Court papers state that the students feel that they are being forced by the university into vaccination and face “the threat of virtual expulsion from school”.

The lawsuit argues that with the pandemic easing in the United States, universal vaccination at the university is not necessary.

“As the numbers continue to decline, such draconian measures as requiring all students to be vaccinated is not reasonable,” it states.

The university said earlier this month that all students would be required to verify their vaccination status unless they applied for a medical or religious exception.

The lawsuit adds that anyone without the exception can have their student IDs deactivated, their class schedules canceled, and face a ban from on-campus activities.

“The requirement for all Indiana University students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated before the return to school in August remains in place,” said university spokesperson Chuck Carney in a statement.

“As part of IU’s response to the ongoing pandemic, the vaccine mandate is helping to support a return to safe and more normal operations this fall.

“The university is confident it will prevail in this case.”

The state of Indiana has fallen behind the national vaccination average, with 39 percent fully vaccinated, and 43 percent have received one dose.

By comparison, 45 percent of the US population is fully vaccinated and 53 percent of Americans have received one dose.


  • Daniel


    8:15 PM, 24-06-2021

    To make students play "Russian roulette" with their lives and health is unconscionable. The sad thing is that most of the students only hear the mainstream propaganda and have no idea how serious that this decision is. Most of them will end up capitulating rather than going to another university without a mandate. When the next covid mutations and even regular flu hits next winter there will be many serious health issues that will crop up in people that have been vaccinated. And the deceptive thing is that no one will relate these heath problems to the taking of the vaccine a year previously. It will be blamed on a new mutant strain . . . or people that didn't take the vaccine . . . or that the lockdowns and the mask mandates should have never been eased. There will be many explanations of the rash of new health problems, but the real source, the taking of the jab, will not be among those explanations.

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    • David Jackson

      9:56 AM, 28-06-2021

      Definitely correct ☺️🙂 too many variables involved ...

  • Suvir


    12:29 PM, 23-06-2021

    Lots more of this to come

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  • Bubacarr


    12:18 PM, 23-06-2021


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