Tales of Sir Don Bradman's career that people don't know.

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When the greatest batsman of Test cricket is named, Sir Don Bradman of Australia is first named, and it is not. Sir Don Bradman played 52 matches in his Test career and scored 6994 runs with 29 centuries with a world average of 99.94. No one in world cricket has come close to Sir Don Bradman.

There are batsmen who currently average above 60. Today we will see some things about Sir Bradman's life which very few people know.

Sir Don Bradman was never stumped in his cricketing career.

Sir Don Bradman did not undergo any cricket training. He used to hit the golf ball on the wall and hit the bat.

Sir Don loved playing the piano. He also composed music.

Sir Don also joined the army as a lieutenant in 1940 but was discharged in 1941 due to fibrocytes.

The only one to become an Australian citizen who has a picture printed on the postage stamp while alive.

Sir Don Bradman: Legendary Australian cricketer with a knighthood and a 99.9 test average

'Don Bradman' is the only cricketer to have come close to a batting average of exactly 100 but he fell short by only four runs.

No photo description available.

Photograph of Don Bradman in front of a wicket in a walled area, completing a drive Circa 1936


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