Teak Log Transport NSW

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Richmond River c1906. A Bullock Team of at least 14 beasts prepares to move a large log of Australian Teak near the Richmond River in Far Northern NSW. Teams like this were a common sight at a time when loggers were taking large, ancient trees out of the previously untouched subtropical rainforests of NSW and Queensland. Note the large logs on the ground in the right background and the sawyers with their large hand saw at right. These logs would usually be processed at local sawmills into manageable sized timbers and then would be taken down the river on barges to be picked up by coastal steamers for transport to either Brisbane or Sydney for processing.

Flindersia australis, commonly known as Crow's Ash, Flindosy, or Australian Teak, is endemic to north-eastern Australia. It grows in rainforest and dry scrub from near Airlie Beach, Queensland, to the west as far as Rolleston and as far south as Kempsey in New South Wales. The timber is used for flooring, boat building and cabinet making, and all types of fine furniture.

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