The Battle For Humanity

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Dr Carrie Madej goes full truth on the jab'"There's no off button!" ... How the jab is connected to Agenda 2030

In this interview with Stew Peters shares information that you are not hearing elsewhere. There is no off button in the creation of dangerous spike proteins in your body when you get the vaccine. Eventually these spike proteins can attach themselves to organs in the bodies of those who have been jabbed, causing serious medical conditions and possibly even deaths.

Dr Madej also talks about the biosensors that are to be injected in bodies to transmit information on what is going on in your body, what your thoughts, dreams and emotions are . . . and the ability to connect your body to the delivery or with holding of digital currency depending on whether a person is onboard with the global agenda. It sounds a lot like what is prophecied in the book of Revelations when it says there will be a future mark on the hand and/or forehead without which no one will be able to buy or sell.

Dr. Madej talks about how the technology being integrated in the the jabs (and those that are coming) will push us toward Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset being pushed by the World Economic Forum. This is another video by Dr. Madej that is very important for everyone who values freedom to see.

To see an archive of videos sharing vital information about the "vaccine" that has been supressed by the mainstream media, the medical/pharmaceutical industry and the government, go to my "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" web page at http://www.dryd.us/vaccine. On this page you will see interviews of the top doctors and scientists in the world whose voices have been silenced. Share this page with anyone you know that has not yet gotten the vaccine. You could be saving their life!


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