The FDA bait & switch approval strategy

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Before you read this article from Robert Kennedy Jr's website, "The Defender" and the pdf by Dr. Robert Malone, let me make a couple of brief observations. The only purpose of this bogus approval of the FDA of the Pfizer vaccine is to move the nation closer to forced "mandated" vaccines, passports,lockdowns and other authoritarian measures intended to take away your freedoms. This is not about the health of people, it is about dictatorial control and power. What is currently going on in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, the UK and Canada is coming to America. I will soon be posting videos showing the brutality, total oppression and enslavement being administered to the populations of those countries, especially Australia and New Zealand.

The day after the news of this Pfizer authorization, the State of New Jersey mandated that all state workers and employees of the education system be vaccinated. Major corporations like Disney, announced that all employees must be vaccinated. Businesses and states and educational systems are quickly following suit. Biden immediately encouraged all businesses to require employees to get the jab. Can you see where this is quickly going? Vaccine passports are the next thing that will be pushed. If the American people accept the passports, freedom will die quickly and the total shutdown of society and the brutality of those that dare break the new "rules" will be put in place. Watch videos to see what is going on right now in Australia and you will see what life will be like here.

Let me mention one more thing before you read this powerful article about FDA's "bait and switch" deception to coerce the public to believe that they have no choice but to take the jab. The public will think they are receiving the "approved" vaccine which, if taken would make Pfizer liable for injuries. Instead they will receive the experimental Pfizer vaccine that being under the "emergency use authorization" makes them totally free of any liabilities. You will learn the details in this article.

Here is a point that must be made. There is no way any of these vaccines should receive approval, because they have not gone through the animal trials and the double blind human trials of a long enough length of time to prove that the vaccines are safe. These trials need to go on for years, not months, with proven data that these vaccines are safe. So far in less than 8 months, the results from the experimental administration of the vaccine worldwide has been horrifying. FDA, the one giving the approval, has a reporting system that has been in place for many years. It is call VAERS or the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. According to Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, in the pdf that I provide for you to read at the end of the article, . . . he estimates that the range of deaths associated with Covid 19 is between 65,000 and 176,000. I would say that the VAERS data which also includes hundreds of thousands of vaccine related injuries, is already more than enough data to exclude any covid vaccine from being approved. There have been many corona viruses in circulation throughout the years and there has NEVER been a vaccine approved. And yet with the stroke of a pen the FDA approves a "new" vaccine. With that approval FDA has a responsibility to show the data from trials that have gone on for a long enough time to guarantee safety to the public. They cannot do that. This is a political approval, to allow the mandates that will enslave the people of our country.

Note that if you want to examine the source links in this article you can click on READ MORE and be taken to the original website.  If you do that come back to the page to click on the link (toward the bottom of the page) to read Dr. Malones pdf that gives his take on the situation surrounding the FDA approval.


2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine
Buried in the fine print of Monday’s approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine are two critical facts that affect whether the vaccine can be mandated, and whether Pfizer can be held liable for injuries.

Monday, August, 23rd, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a biologics license application for the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine.

The press reported that vaccine mandates are now legal for military, healthcare workers, college students and employees in many industries. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has now required the vaccine for all teachers and school staff. The Pentagon is proceeding with its mandate for all military service members.

But there are several bizarre aspects to the FDA approval that will prove confusing to those not familiar with the pervasiveness of the FDA’s regulatory capture, or the depths of the agency’s cynicism.

First, the FDA acknowledges that while Pfizer has insufficient stocks of the newly licensed Comirnaty vaccine available, there is “a significant amount” of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine — produced under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) — available for use.

The FDA decrees that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine under the EUA should remain unlicensed but can be used “interchangeably” (page 2, footnote 8) with the newly licensed Comirnaty product.

Second, the FDA pointed out that both the licensed Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine, and the existing vaccine are “legally distinct,” but proclaims that their differences do not “impact safety or effectiveness.”

There is a huge real-world difference between products under an EUA compared with those that FDA has fully licensed. EUA products are experimental under U.S. law.

Both the Nuremberg Code and federal regulations provide that no one can force a human being to participate in this experiment. Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), “authorization for medical products for use in emergencies,” it is unlawful to deny someone a job or an education because they refuse to be an experimental subject. Instead, potential recipients have an absolute right to refuse EUA vaccines.

U.S. laws, however, permit employers and schools to require students and workers to take licensed vaccines.

EUA-licensed vaccines have an extraordinary liability shield under the 2005 Public Readiness and Preparedness Act. Vaccine manufacturers, distributors, providers and government planners are immune from liability. The only way an injured party can sue is if he or she can prove willful misconduct, and if the U.S. government has also brought an enforcement action against the party for willful misconduct. No such lawsuit has ever succeeded.

The government has created an extremely stingy compensation program, the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, to redress injuries from all EUA products.

The program’s parsimonious administrators have compensated under 4% of petitioners to date — and not a single COVID vaccine injury — despite the fact that physicians, families and injured vaccine recipients have reported more than 600,000 COVID vaccine injuries.

At least for the moment, the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine has no liability shield. Vials of the branded product, which say “Comirnaty” on the label, are subject to the same product liability laws as other U.S. products.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices places a vaccine on the mandatory schedule, a childhood vaccine benefits from an generous retinue of liability protections.

But licensed adult vaccines, including the new Comirnaty, do not enjoy any liability shield. Just as with Ford’s exploding Pinto, or Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, people injured by the Comirnaty vaccine could potentially sue for damages.

And because adults injured by the vaccine will be able to show that the manufacturer knew of the problems with the product, jury awards could be astronomical.

Pfizer is therefore unlikely to allow any American to take a Comirnaty vaccine until it can somehow arrange immunity for this product.

Given this background, the FDA’s acknowledgement in its approval letter that there are insufficient stocks of the licensed Comirnaty, but an abundant supply of the EUA Pfizer BioNTech jab, exposes the “approval” as a cynical scheme to encourage businesses and schools to impose illegal jab mandates.

The FDA’s clear motivation is to enable Pfizer to quickly unload inventories of a vaccine that science and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System have exposed as unreasonably dangerous, and that the Delta variant has rendered obsolete.

Americans, told that the Pfizer COVID vaccine is now licensed, will understandably assume COVID vaccine mandates are lawful. But only EUA-authorized vaccines, for which no one has any real liability, will be available during the next few weeks when many school mandate deadlines occur.

The FDA appears to be purposefully tricking American citizens into giving up their right to refuse an experimental product.

While the media has trumpeted that the FDA has approved COVID vaccines, the FDA has not approved the Pfizer BioNTech vaccines, nor any COVID vaccines for the 12- to 15-year age group, nor any booster doses for anyone.

And FDA has not licensed any Moderna vaccine, nor any vaccine from Johnson & Johnson — so the vast majority of vaccines available in the U.S., if not all, remain unlicensed EUA products.

Here’s what you need to know when somebody orders to get the vaccine: Ask to see the vial. If it says “Comirnaty,” it’s a licensed product. If it says “Pfizer-BioNTech,” it’s an experimental product, and under 21 U.S. Code 360bbb, you have the right to refuse.

If it comes from Moderna or Johnson & Johnson (marketed as Janssen), you have the right to refuse.

The FDA is playing bait and switch with the American public — but we don’t have to play along. If it doesn’t say Comirnaty, you have not been offered an approved vaccine.

Here is additional information provided by Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology that the Pfizer and Moderna shots use. This 6 page pdf gives Dr. Malone's talking points on discussing this new FDA Pfizer authorization. Here is the link . . .

To see an archive of videos sharing vital information about the "vaccine" that has been supressed by the mainstream media, the medical/pharmaceutical industry and the government, go to my "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" web page at On this page you will see interviews of the top doctors and scientists in the world whose voices have been silenced. Share this page with anyone you know that has not yet gotten the vaccine. You could be saving their life!



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