The Lengths People Go To in Wally World

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Sanitary Or Safe?

Look, the virus is deadly. But some of these masks might actually kill people just from laughter! What is this older couple thinking, for the love of Walmart?

People of Walmart

Well, let's analyze. The sunglasses are certainly a good idea. After all, it has been reported that COVID-19 can be absorbed through the eyes! Those masks, though. What's the deal with these menstrual products? There is no way these two didn't have scarves at home. Or any cloth at all? People, this is not recommended. Stop it!

Check My Toes Out

Some may wonder if this is the beginning of a trend. Fashion can be unpredictable, after all! Was this bought a couture shop? Is this lady just ahead of the trend, unlike us?

No, let’s be real. This Walmart shopper definitely took it upon herself as a DIY project, and the results are questionable. It appears she has actually cut through her sneakers and her socks! Those lovely blue painted toes are probably the source of the problem. We all know pedicures on the go can be tricky since they take so long to dry. Still, yuck!

Masked And Ready

It seems there has been a big misunderstanding here. Walmart employees do try their best, at least sometimes. But putting a medical mask on Corona beer? Why that's just lazy thinking!

First of all, the virus has nothing to do with this delicious Mexican brand! A little lime and a little light lager never hurt anybody. Second, there's no reason to protect the beer itself from illness. These bottles can't get sick, can they? Overall, a waste of a precious mask. Walmart, get with it!

Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

Did Rapunzel eventually escape the tower, lose her dress sense, and the total desire to brush her hair? Why, yes. And then, she gained a few pounds, aged a few years, and decided to visit Walmart.

Just kidding, Walmart has attracted yet another customer too lazy to book a hairdresser appointment. Long and tangled, these locks are disturbing. But this woman could probably make the case that far worse has happened at the store, probably even this week! Brush, comb, assistance to aisle 4.

Reach For The Stars, Or Groceries

God help the clerks tasked to reach those top items. Are you a giant, or at least over 6 feet tall? If so, Walmart is probably hiring near you right now!

Sadly, Walmart workers don't seem to be the speediest in fulfilling your request for those top-shelf products. Where do they store those ladders, the moon? In the meantime, this woman took things into her own hands, literally. And we love it! She might have trouble standing and walking when it comes to insurance issues, but a Walmart deal is a Walmart deal. Oh yeah!

Ninja Turtle Comeback

Another customer, another bizarre pet. No one would be surprised by a dog on a leash, even if it's against store policy. But in all of Walmart photography history, this turtle is a first!

It's unique, sure. Could it be an emotional support animal trend? Perhaps. But nothing goes as slow as a turtle, and it's likely this poor woman is in for one long shopping outing. Weird as this situation undoubtedly is, it's probably not breaking any formal rules. Who could have anticipated this in management?

Well, I hope you enjoy the picks and they may have just tickled your funny bone! I know they got my attention.



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