The Storm

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Will "The Day The Storm Will Be Upon Us" be on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday?

From my research the day "the day the storm will be upon us" will be on Tuesday, the day before the scheduled inauguration. What are you talking about you might ask? In the past year Trump was at a gathering of military people at the White House when he said, "maybe this is the calm before the storm." A reporter asked, "What is the storm, Isis?" Trump only replied, "You will find out."

The storm signals the end of 4 year sting operation to identify the deep state operatives that have infiltrated Congress, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the military, the justice department, politicians in state governments, the whole judicial system, the mass media, the educational institutions and the entertainment industry. When Trump was elected he promised to "drain the swamp." To do that, he has had to cause the swamp creatures to come to the surface and be exposed for who they really are. Trump's second 4 years will, having collected the evidence of treason, sedition and crimes against humanity (traficking of children, women and men).

In a sting ooperation you have to let the crime be committed before you trigger the trap and bring the criminals to justice. Trump could have stopped the election from being stolen. He knew what the left wing democrats were going to do. They did it in 2012, 2016 and 2018. This time in the 2020 election he carefully documented the fraud and started building cases to indict Congressmen, State politicians, judges, people in the media, heads of big tech platforms and people in entertainment. He pursued every possible avenue to get this evidence seen. It was blocked out by the media and big tech, shutdown from being examined by courts at every level and blocked by state Governor's and Secretary of States. Finally, members of Congress were allowed to commit treason by knowingly voting for a fraudulent set of electoral votes. The crimes of thousands of people were exposed during Trump's first four years.

Now when Trump declares though an address on the emergency broadcast system, that the "storm is upon you," justice will be dished out. When the emergency broadcasts begin all tv networks and internet will be shut down. The mainstream media will be able to block the truth no longer. During a number of days, evidence will be presented that will expose the crimes of a number of people. The crimes of Biden will be so shocking that it will be clear to everyone that he will not be the President. Horrific crimes involving pedophilia, child torture and murder by well know people in politics will initially be exposed. The evidence will be overwhelming. Many including Pelosi, Shumer, McConnell and Pence will be brought up before military tribunals. The extent of the infiltration of the Chinese into America and the treasonous deals made by many will be exposed for all to see. All the details about the stealing of the election and the thousands that were involved will be revealed. All those perpetrating the spying on the President, Obama, Comey, Brennen, Clapper, Rosentein and many more will be charged with treason. America will see the many coup attempts to remove Trump from the Presidency. The evidence will be clear and the American people will know they have been lied to and that Trump really was someone who allowed himself to be vilified to be able to take down the deep state who were poised under a Biden administration to turn our country into communist socialist state who integrates us into a world government through "global reset."

Part of the storm will be the unleashing of massive violence and destruction by anarchist groups led by BLM and Antifa. Trump has prepared for that and contrary to the riots this summer that were allowed to occur by Democratic Mayors and Governors . . . The military will quickly put down any insurrections in the country.

All the things that will happen when "the storm is upon us," we will find out. We are now in a covert war and disinformation is being diseminated by both the black hats, the deep state, and the white hats, the special op and military forces under the command of Trump. Because of that, I cannot tell you definitively tell you exactly how this is going to play out. I am only relaying intelligence that I have collected from what I believe to be reliable sources. We will see how all of this goes down.

This video says that there is a source that seems to think that the emergency broadcast that will kick off the "storm," will occur Sunday or Monday. I have heard other sources that believe it will be sometime Tuesday. I don't think anyone knows for sure except Trump, his advisors and those high ranking military officials that will be executing the peace keeping part of this mission to save our Republic.

So be prepared. It is likely that there will be an extended lockdown where you will not be able to go to the store for groceries. Have at least a two week supply of food and water. Then get your popcorn ready and be prepared to see evidence more shocking than anything you will ever see in movies or on tv.


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    1:43 PM, 07-05-2021

    All imaginary. Never happened. Just like all the other conspiracy theories

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