The Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters are a rock formation found at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

There are a couple of Dreamtime stories about The Three Sisters but this one is my favourite.

This story begins with Tyawan, the local tribe's witch doctor.

Tyawan had three daughters named, Meenhi, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo.

Whenever Tyawan left his three daughters alone to get food, he had to pass by a hole and leave the girls behind the rocky wall to protect them, as it was known that a Bunyip, the most feared creature in the land, lived in the deep dark hole.

One day, as Tyawan did as he always did, and passed through the hole in search of food, a large centipede crawled up next to the girls.

The centipede scared the daughter Meenhi so much that she threw a rock at it.

The rock missed and fell down the hole which angered Bunyip.

He emerged from his hole and faced the girls.

Tyawan was returning from his hunt, saw the girls in danger from afar, turned them to stone with his magic bone to protect them from the creature.

Bunyip became enraged and chased after Tyawan.

Taiwan escaped as a lyrebird but lost his magic bone in the process.

Without his magic bone, he was unable to change himself or his daughters back into humans, forever searching for his bone.

Nowadays, you can still hear the call of the lyrebird around the rocks, always in search of it's magic bone


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