Troubling Stats

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Stats that are getting harder for the MSM to ignore

This meme says it all. The number of deaths and severe adverse effects that are happening hours, days and weeks after people getting the Covid jab have been blacked out by the mainstream media. Those that are getting the jab have no idea of what the "vaccine" is doing to irreversibly modify their dna and flood their body with ever replicating spike proteins. The presence of these spike proteins already are causing adverse effects like blood clots, heart infections, miscarriages and many other life altering conditions.

Many of these conditions have led to the deaths of many people. The toll is growing rapidly.
According to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting system (VAERS) and the equivalent reporting systems for Europe and the United Kingdom, the number of deaths that have occurred immediately or shortly after someone has taken the jab has mushroomed to 16,397 and the number of adverse events has grown to a staggering 1,448,992. And this is just in a period of just 5 months. In addition these statistics only reflect the deaths and adverse events THAT HAVE BEEN REPORTED. It is said that the actual number of deaths and adverse events are between 10 and 100 times the reported figures.

What is staggering is that
the number of people that have died in just 5 months, is greater than the combined number of people that have died FROM ALL OTHER VACCINES IN A TIME PERIOD OF 20 YEARS!!!

With these staggering statistics, why are the Covid "vaccines" still on the market? Understand that in 1976 that with the introduction of the swine flu vaccine that with the first 5 reported deaths, the manufacturer was required to print on the packaging that death was a possible side effect. When the death count reached 50 the entire vaccine program was shut down and the vaccine was taken off the market. The question is that with 16,397 deaths occurring shortly after the administration of the Covid jab . . . why has it not been taken off the market?

Why is it that when news leaks out that someone has had serious adverse effects after getting the jab, that the official response by media is that they died of "natural causes" of from the "covid virus?"

Why is there such a great effort being put into keeping the public from knowing about all the vaccine related deaths?

Why has Facebook, according to undercover videos released by Project Veritas, set up their algorithms to expunge all posts sharing the accounts of people who have lost loved ones to the covid "vaccine . . . to prevent "vaccine hesitancy?"

Why is there a push to get so many people vaccinated by offering them money, lottery tickets, ballgame tickets and numerous other kinds of bribes?

Knowing full well that the covid "vaccines" do not prevent anyone from getting the virus, nor transmitting the virus . . . why, all of a sudden, are people being baited with an illusion of normalcy . . . the freedom to not wear a mask, go to ballgames, sociallly congregate, travel, etc . . . iF they are vaccinated?

If the vaccines do not protect you as the science clearly shows . . . and there are clearly prophalactics like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that are effective in treating covid . . . what is the purpose of being vaccinated?

What is the purpose of deceiving the public about the dangers of taking a vaccine that does not protect anyone from the virus?

These are all questions that need to be answered.

Here is one more question . . . what is the agenda behind the feverish push to vaccinate the entire population?

That agenda is beyond the scope of this article. I will just say the agenda has nothing to do with the health and safety of the American people . . . or the people of the world. For more information about the actual agenda, view the videos at the bottom of the page of my "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" at . The rest of the videos on the page share the science from the mouths of the top doctors and scientists in the world.

Because statistics can seem so impersonal, I have posted a series of actual accounts of those that have died or been personally affected at, so people can see the real life devastation the vaccine is doing. There is one member of the Gizmoh community who is obviously pro vaccine, who gives a thumbs down to every post that I put up. I am sure he will give a thumbs down vote to this article as well. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I get frustrated when opinions are given based soley upon what the mainstream media, medical industry and government narrative is . . . without examining the surpressed scientific and clinical trial data, as well as the analysis by top scientists and doctors throughout the world. And it is not just a few doctors . . . the last time I checked over 42,000 doctors had signed the Great Barrington Declaration, registering their protest to how the covid situation has been handled.

I encourage everyone who reads this article to go through the many videos on the page at It will take some time, but understand this is a matter of life and death for people. For those that have already taken the jab, it is important that they first be informed so they know the challenge before them, . . . take no more booster shots and start a program that includes the taking of vitamin D3, C, Zinc and, if possible, Ivermectin and/or hydroxychloroquine. If your local doctor will not give you a prescription for the latter two, you can contact the "Frontline Doctors" and I hear they can give you a prescription.

Sixteen thousand plus deaths is a drop in the bucket compared to the number of deaths that will occur when future covid varients are released among the population. This is one of the most important issues of our lives. Please take the time to be informed by going through some of the many videos at .


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