‘Very high price to pay’: Peter Dutton warns against attack on Australia

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Defence Minister Peter Dutton has told Sky News Australia must be “realistic” about the Indo-Pacific threat into the coming decades.

The defence minister said there was no “sense pretending” Australia could out-stock or defeat a large foreign enemy.

“That’s not really realistic for a population of 25 million on an island nation in the middle of the Pacific,” he said.

Mr. Dutton said though, Australia needs to make it abundantly clear to foreign threats there would be a “very high price to pay” for attacking our shores.

Peter Dutton wearing a suit and tie


  • Pich


    12:07 PM, 08-07-2021


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  • Bubacarr


    9:31 PM, 30-06-2021

    We need peace in the world now..

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  • Suvir


    11:12 AM, 24-06-2021

    Doubt anyone would be crazy enough to attack us given our allies

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    • Ray Cooney

      11:54 PM, 26-06-2021

      That is something we need to keep strong relations with.

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