VP hopeful Kamala Harris - the ultimate hypocrite. You cannot protect yourself but she has nearly 100 armed security.

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I am a woman of color and naturally people in my community always assume I will automatically vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. An assumption that is ignorant and shameful. As a matter of fact, the democratic party still believe that us "black folk" will vote as a "block" and we are already in the pockets of the democrats. Remember they are here to help us because we cannot help ourselves. And now VP hopeful Kamala Harris- who says she supports defunding police - is seen in Miami being protected by scores of cops, security detail as well as a Secret Service agent carrying  assault rifles, a weapon she's vowed to ban.

Remember when she said, while running for president in 2019, that she would ban assault weapons within the first 100 days of her term and she would take "executive action" if Congress failed to act.

There was also a heavy police presence guarding the venue where Harris spoke, with at least two dozen officers protecting the Democrat who supports defunding the police and reallocating funds to community organizations and educational opportunities. Hmmmm..  so she hates the police and she wants to take our guns but as a true seasoned hypocrite it's ok for her to be able to protect herself and be surrounded by enough fire power to start a war.

Harris was meeting with "leaders" in the Black community to speak about race relations in South Florida. Who were these so called "black leaders". Was the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter present? I was told the pricetag for this lovely excursion was close to $1,000,000...   one million bucks from the campaign coffers so she can behave like a dignitary who supposedly cares about you.

Kamala Harris is no different than any other democrat who takes our votes for granted. This is another pathetic display of greed, ego and power tripping. I have been a democrat all my life but this November my vote goes to the Republicans. The DNC has lost their minds, their integrity, their strategy, their plan forward and their soul.


  • Ray Cooney

    Ray Cooney

    12:07 AM, 19-09-2020

    It does make one wonder if she really has the right mindset to help run a country when she clearly is a do as I say do not do what I do. A true leader leads from the front!

  • DaMan


    1:41 AM, 16-09-2020

    Hilarious article


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