A Law Professor and former prosecutor presents a parable comparing 2 murders

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Comparing the evidence for 2 murders committed by 2 cartels ... a drug killing & the murder of America's votes

David Clements is a law professor and a former prosecutor. In this presentation at the Cyber Symposium, Professor Clements compares a case that he prosecuted of a drug cartel who murdered someone deemed a liability, to the murder of the votes of Americans by a second cartel and those behind that widespread cartel. He presents some of the evidence that was uncovered in the drug cartel murder and compares it to what has happened in the killing of so many votes of Americans in the 2020 election. This is a fascinating presentation that reveals evidence in many areas that conclusively proves that the stealing of the election was pre-meditated and carried out at many levels by many cartel members throughout the country and outside the country



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