COVID 'crisis actor' conspiracies flood social media

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0:00 - COVID 'actors' An important health message featuring real-life patients with COVID-19 is attacked on social media as fake. We debunk claims the patients are ‘crisis actors’.

3:59 - The Australian’s transgender coverage Following a 42-page complaint by Dr Michelle Telfer, the Press Council finds The Australian breached fairness and accuracy guidelines in its coverage of transgender issues.

8:50 - Hadley’s apology Ray Hadley forced to apologise to a NSW local court registrar after claiming she had failed to view footage in a bail application.

12:26 - Sky’s fake guest? Chris Kenny interviews a pilot who claims to be stranded in Perth. The problem? He’s not a pilot, his name isn’t Dean and he appears to be living with his family in Melbourne.


  • Suvir Salins

    Suvir Salins

    8:56 PM, 20-09-2021

    People only believe what they want to hear and everything contrary is seen as fake. Living in an age of self-delusion

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    • Bubacarr

      4:00 PM, 23-12-2021

      Exactly I agree with you

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