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Irrefutable Proof That Trump Won The Election By A Landslide

There has already been evidence shared in numerous state hearings of the massive fraud that occurred in the presidential election that was held on November 3rd, 2020. The evidence of people voting from out of state, dead people voting, video evidence of cases of votes all for Biden being carted in and entered into voting machines in the middle of the night, evidence of internet connections when they were not allowed, evidence of states violating their constitutions by adding liberal voting laws without going through the legislature . . . then there is all the records from the Dominion voting machines. The evidence is overwhelming, but yet it has been blacked out by the media and the Supreme Court has found tecnicalities to avoid reviewing a case that would present the evidence.

But all this has changed with this irrefutable proof now being revealed by Mike Lindell, the man who founded the "My Pillow" company. Unlike other evidence, this is the actual recording, in real time of the internet packets coming over the internet from servers in foreign countries, mainly communist China, to undermine our election. These internet packets as you will discover in this video gives a massive amount of information about where the hacking came from (IP address, longitude and lattitute, Country, Province and how many votes were switched-note they were all switched from Trump to Biden). It also gives specific information as to where the vote change was loaded (the ip of the machine that the fraudulent data was transferred to, the longitude and lattitude of the building, the state, the county and much more.) The thing is . . . this data involving millions of votes cannot be modified in any way at any time. The only way it came into existence was for that data to have been recorded in real time during the election and archived. That is why Mike had been saying that they "have it all."

In the video we are shown just 20 internet packets showing fraudulent votes being inputted right into voting booths of just some of the many polling places in the 5 swing states. The data shown in those 20 packets shows that Donald Trump won all of the swing states and thus the election in a landslide.

The question is can this video with irrefutable data get out to the American people so there can be pressure put on the Supreme Court to review this evidence? You can help by sharing this video with as many people as you can. I was stunned when I saw this video. There is no way to recreate this data or modify it in any way. This could change everything if we can get this out virally on social media. It will be shutdown on FB, Tw and Insta if you post the link in the description. Follow my instructions in the description. I don't put any information that could get the post taken down in the description area. The thumbnail tells what the video is all about. Instead of putting the link in the description area, I put it in the first comment. FB has shown that it doesn't notice it in the comments and they leave it alone. So when you click on share to share the post on fb make sure you locate that post on your timeline and PASTE THIS LINK TO THIS PAGE WITH THE VIDEO. Let's get this jaw dropping evidence out to all the people who have been brainwashed by the media into believing that there is no evidence of fraud. There has always been evidence . . . but this is irrefutable evidence! Make it your mission to share it with as many people as you can.



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