Woolworths ‘caves in’ to cancel culture over Twitter complaint about chicken

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Woolworths has become the “latest example” of cancel culture and political correctness, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

The supermarket company was called out by an account on Twitter for selling a cut of chicken wings as ‘boomerang wings’.

The tweet accused Woolworths of “unnecessary and disrespectful cultural appropriation," saying “chicken wings” would suffice.

It also included the hashtag ‘#BlackLivesMatter​’.

“But what’s worse is that Woolies have caved in,” Mr. Kenny said.

“The company said it had reviewed the feedback and decided to stop calling the chicken cut ‘boomerang wings’ and called them ‘V wings’ instead”.

“So there you go, no matter how much you like boomerang wings, at Woolies, they won’t be coming back.”


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